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CB Radios

Click on the CB Modifications (see above) to see how you can modify your cb radio to get extra channels,better modulation,more power.... do it yourself and save money.

I have been a Cb Radio operator for well over 30 years.I have owned many many different radios in my time and I still have lots of them in my personal collection.I have seen lots of ads on Ebay and on Yahoo's auction sites that claim this radio or that radio is the BEST ever.Balony! A radio is only as good as you want it to be.Granted,all radios are different.Even for example a Cobra 2000 base station versus a Cobra 142....Which one is better.....answer...both are.So what, one may have a clock and frequency counter and the other one does not.Who needs a clock.For the money I like the 142 better.It can be modified to get the same frequencies as the 2000 and for little money you can ad a frequency counter.Some say the Browning Mark ? is the best radio ever built.Its unique in looks and features but as for being the Cadillac of radios I think not.I own 2 of these .Receive on it is great on AM and on SSB.But Transmitt on SSB sucks.Not on just 1 of the 2 I own but on both of them.That doesnt mean all brownings are like this but from others I have talked to have said the same thing about theirs.
 My personal preference is a radio called ARF2001.Most beautiful,well thought out CB radio I have ever owned and still have to this day.Granted the original price of this radio is high,around $1,300.00 brand new and sometimes even higher on todays market used.If you can find one.It has a Gray case and gold color knobs,and a D-104 made special for this radio.Thsi radio is AM/SSB,scans channels,has a Keypad for channel entry ,2 so 239 connectors for two different antennae hookups,and a switch on the front to switch between the antennaes.Has way to many features to mention.Its a really state of the art radio.The radio itself is BIG.I found mine at a Flea market in Texas for $350.00.And I had it modified at their facory by their top radio tech. The company that built this radio makes radios for the Military in New Mexico.
 Like I said above,a radio is as only as good as you make it.


Specs for The ARF-2001


I contacted a gentleman on E-Bay who was selling an ARF-2001 and he gave me the following contact who deals in repairs and parts for the ARF-2001.  
                            Statewide Communications
                               1224South Main St.
                               McAlister , Ok. 74501
                               phone- 918/426/0972.
                              Ask for David or Ron 
 This gentleman also will ( I assume he still will) make copies of the manual.                
 For A copy of the manual-$45.00 for
about 70 pages of instruction and block diagrams and schematics ConTact: 
                                   Dean Hopper
                               25 Three Acre Ct.
                                   Staunton, Il.


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